After-sales service and technical support

They have developed a technical assistance approach to minimize customer effort and optimize resolution times. They support the following issues:

1. Assistance in commissioning and installation
2. Technical hotline, troubleshooting and multiproduct after-sales service: incident management N1 and N2, opening of tickets and monitoring of files until their resolution.
3. Home interventions: remote control of technicians
4. Management of equipment change interventions
5. Supervision of equipment and services: detection, remote resolution, customer information and on-site activation, file tracking until resolution.
6. They manage operations by providing you with real-time reports and CRM solutions based on your needs.
  • Services
  • BPO, ITO and KPO
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It is a leading and innovative provider of global services in Customer Interaction and Process Management. They provide efficiency to design, build, operate and optimize integral business processes oriented to the customer experience,
Among its services are:
1. Management of interactions with customers
2. Process management
3. Digital solutions
4. CX Consultation