Multilingual customer service

They adapt to different markets because they have an international presence and offer the following services:

1. Implementation of multilingual HUBs for centralized management of operations;
2. Mobilization of native advisers to operate in different languages;
3. Smart translation solutions to perform back office operations in all languages ...
4. They map and analyze the performance of the existing organization in the different markets;
5. They rebuild multichannel, crossed or omnichannel routes taking into account the specifications of each country:
6. Integrate and develop tools and technologies as you need
7. They manage operations by providing you with real-time reports and CRM solutions based on your needs.
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  • BPO, ITO and KPO
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It is a leading and innovative provider of global services in Customer Interaction and Process Management. They provide efficiency to design, build, operate and optimize integral business processes oriented to the customer experience,
Among its services are:
1. Management of interactions with customers
2. Process management
3. Digital solutions
4. CX Consultation