Multichannel customer service

They offer a value creation approach in every contact with the end customer, thanks to their extensive business experience and numerous technological innovations.

A comprehensive and multi-channel offer:

1. Information about services and products
2. Order management
3. Invoice management
4. Management of claims and litigation

To optimize the efficiency of operations and make customer routes more fluid, they integrated into their offer a series of services and innovations with very high added value:

1. Comprehensive front and back office management
2. Crisis management
3. Real-time monitoring of customer feedback and satisfaction
4. Speech analysis
5. Video support solutions to optimize sales consulting and simplify post-sales administration
  • Services
  • BPO, ITO and KPO
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It is a leading and innovative provider of global services in Customer Interaction and Process Management. They provide efficiency to design, build, operate and optimize integral business processes oriented to the customer experience,
Among its services are:
1. Management of interactions with customers
2. Process management
3. Digital solutions
4. CX Consultation