Technical support

It offers the following support services:
1. High complexity multilingual support on a wide variety of channels, with the help of innovative technologies and automation
2. Technical solutions throughout the customer life cycle, from installation and activation to RMA management and parts / field support.
3. Experience in a wide range of industries: consumer electronics, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail, automotive, and new economy businesses.
4. Offers for ISPs, MSPs, Wireless Operators and other telecommunications services.
5. Fast and highly effective support, account and case management solutions that help increase and retain, reduce operating expenses, and optimize CX.
  • Services
  • BPO, ITO and KPO


Today it serves more than fifty Colombian companies in the sectors of health, transportation, energy, food, services, entertainment, among others; and to European and American multinationals, marking in an important way one of the strategic sectors for the growth of the economy of the country in the medium and long term.

The experience and position of Teleperformance allows the company to take into account the particular needs of each client and offer robust operations with quality, in a B2B market, B2C market or in a mixed market.