Cirugía para glaucoma con implante

Glaucoma valve implant

Procedure that consist in implant in the conjuctiva (membrane that cover the eye) an small valve that is conected with the interior of the eye (anterior chamber) through a silicone tube that provide to aqueous humor (liquid produced inside the eye) a way out towards the subconjuctival area, allowing reduce the intraocular presure.
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Clínica Oftalmológica de Antioquia

CLÍNICA OFTALMOLÓGICA DE ANTIOQUIA –CLOFÁN- WAS BORN IN 1984. 32 years ago, since its foundation, Clofán pioneered the delivery of its specialty outpatient surgery service. Nowadays, it is a widely accepted modality which provides patients with comfortable treatments with minimum sick leave.

Stood out for the use of state of the art technology, its level of research, its organization and for the human quality of its professionals, CLOFÁN is placed as a highly-advanced scientific clinic in the ophthalmology field to a national level. This clinic is able to provide prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation care for all kinds of visual problems.
The clinic has 10 modern operating rooms equipped with the latest medical technology
for ophthalmological outpatient surgeries. Doctor’s offices staffed with caring specialists, and super specialists. Besides this, we provide pharmacy and optical service.