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Audiodescription Image


Do you know how a blind person can watch a movie, a television program or a corporate video autonomously and understand all its content?
Audio description allows this both for live events and for audiovisual content.
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Today, differentiating elements are required to allow your audiovisual content or your events to reach a wider audience. We have solutions for people who are blind, deaf or speakers of other languages to access the content that you are producing.

We combine the state of the art of technology with a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience who will advise you to find innovative ways that increase the audience you reach and therefore help increase your income.

Services: Closed captioning, subtitling, audio description, dubbing, simultaneous interpretation, sign language, live subtitling in several languages, production and streaming of virtual events.

ATmedios facilities in Bogotá have the technology and support that guarantees the availability of our services 24/7