Electrothermal Microdiffuser - "Microtermic". Single-phase electric motor 110/220 volt - 10 Lt cap Image
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Electrothermal Microdiffuser - "Microtermic". Single-phase electric motor 110/220 volt - 10 Lt cap

Airway Disinfection (DVA) is a complement to direct contact surface disinfection, which consists of depositing a disinfectant on all the surfaces of the enclosure that you want to treat, through the microdiffusion of a compound with a wide spectrum of activity , designed to work with the applicator equipment, in order to guarantee that its production or service areas are suitable for its activity, achieving levels of safety in the environment and in those places where contact disinfection does not reach.

The "Microtermic" Electrothermal Microdiffuser is the device designed for this purpose and through which the formation of a dry cloud is achieved that will behave like a gas, being located in all parts of the room, being effective due to the contact time of the particles. with microorganisms, due to its greater permanence in the environment.
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We are a laboratory with 27 years of experience in the development and commercialization of products and equipment for cleaning and high disinfection, with safety results in the treated areas. Our formulations provide very good results and are complemented by our D.V.A. (Airway Disinfection), which consists of depositing the disinfectant through the Microdiffusion system, which transforms a high-level, broad-spectrum disinfectant into a cloud
dry (carrier of the active principles of the substance) that will behave like a gas, which is deposited in all areas of the room to be disinfected, eliminating existing pathogens. Does not wet, does not require subsequent cleaning.